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Dark Wood Panels


The basis of Higher Ground has always been an effort to run an environmentally conscious business. All of the coffee & espresso we serve at the cafe are 100% organic and fair trade. All of the teas we serve are also organic.

In today's world it is important to be aware of the little things we can do to promote a healthier earth. Although our to-go cups are already 100% recyclable, any reusable mug-carrying customer receives a discount for their effort in saving a paper cup, and all of our to-go food containers are compostable.

We regularly donate to community events, green-initiative fundraisers, and other co-operatives in the city who share our passion for green-living.


As of March 2009, Higher Ground no longer sells bottled water. The energy and time put into making these products is not earth-friendly. We are happy to offer filtered tap water as a thirst-quenching (and free!) substitute.

Image by Rodrigo Flores
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